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Featured Campaign Ads

Featured Campaign Ads

I take pride in our right to vote and feel it is also my duty to help support candidates that I believe in.  And there are no positions that effect your day-to-day life more than those at the state and municipal level..

My specialty is creating positive and inspiring campaign content, because America is tired of negative smear politics.  I focus on the people and the issues, not the opponent, because I believe people should vote FOR something, not against it!

In this age of digital media, even local campaigns deserve presidential treatment!  My expertise in creating quality content and impactful social media strategies has resulted in unprecedented engagement for state and municipal campaigns.

Re-Elect Bill Buckbee (2016, 2018, 2020)
(R - State Representative, 67th District, Connecticut)

After a successful commercial production helped land Billy Buckbee in office, the State Rep out of New Milford, CT hired Myke Foo Media for a second and third commercial and multimedia campaign.


Tasks Included:

  • Commercial Video Production

    • script writing​

    • cinematography

    • video post-production​​​

  • Social Media

    • content strategy

    • publication & distribution​

    • post optimization

  • Graphic Design

    • campaign design​

    • lawn signs

    • social media elements

"Believe In Buckbee" (2020) 

After two successful campaigns, we wanted to do something different, highlighting the issues but in a unique way that would leave people talking.  So we created a mock- 1990's sitcom style commercial, and well... mission accomplished!

"Of New Milford, For New Milford" (2018) 

As the incumbent running for re-election, Buckbee's most recent campaign commercial focused on the history of his district and the candidate's longstanding family history as citizens of it for five generations.