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Picture editing, sound design, mix & master and color grading.  We handle all the essentials of the post-production process.

DCP creation, Transcoding, Voiceover, ADR & Foley, Transcribing & Captioning... yeah, we do all that too!

Myke Foo Media is a one stop shop for all your post production needs, for every project from feature film to commercial.

Picture Editing - Commercial
Believe You Will - Seth Jones (2020)
Picture Edit, Sound Design/Mix, Color
Guaranteed Rate - Compulsive Pictures
:30 second commercial
3 Levels of Disinfection (2020)
Green Home Solutions
State College, PA
1:30 minute commercial
NuPlug Holiday Ad (2019)
NuPlug - Sherman, CT
1:00 minute commercial
Picture Editing - Film & Television
Lead from the Heart (2020)
TV-hour documentary
Super Human Stories - Devon Allen (2022)
TV-hour documentary
The Thursday Night Club (2022)
Story Plant Entertainment, Inc.
Feature Film
Picture Editing - Sizzles, Corporate, B2B
"Ted Lasso" Case Study
Apple TV+ / Glow Agency
Case Study
"Dexter New Blood" sizzle reel
Showtime / Glow Agency
Sizzle Reel
Stewarts / Hard Rock brand video
Stewart's Enterprise Holdings, Inc.
B2B Brand Video
Picture Editing - Other
Christmas in a Small Town (2021)
Rob Thomas (Matchbox 20)
Music Video
Entresto Pharmaceutical Ad (2022)
Voiceover Recording
1:00 commercial
Conjoined Twins : Inseperable (2018)
Voiceover & ADR Recording
LC / Channel 4 (BBC)
Feature length documentary
Danny Bonaduce: Life Coach (2022)
Voice Recording & Sound Design
Web Series
Color Correction & Grading
United States Marine Corps - Compulsive Pictures

1:00 minute commercial
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