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"It's Called Football"

Tne goal was to create a a series that would introduce Premier League Football (aka, soccer) to NBC Sports Network's American audience.  A secondary goal was to capture a young audience for NBCSN, to bring those young soccer-loving viewers over to the network.

The way to get the young fans was simple - use talent that they already love and follow on social media, and we found our hosts in The F2 Freestylers, Billy and Jeremy.

My responsibilities were to develop, write and produce the series on a $500,000+ production budget, filmed on location in England.  I led the creative vision, collaborated with some of the world’s top football clubs, and led the international crew on location..

In addition to creating the show and running the set, I also executed a social-first marketing campaign, which to this day includes some of NBC Sports most viewed online videos.

Series Promo
Episode 1 - "Meet The F2 at Chelsea"
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